My wife prefers Facebook and her FB friends over me.

OK; my wife is always on Facebook and never pays attention to me.  She says she cant talk to me about stuff because I’m not her friend but her husband?  But I asked her “So what do you talk about?” and she said “games” and I asked “What games?”  she said  “Grave” and I was like “Grave?  Whats it about?” she replied ” I don’t know, look it up!” and I said “Why don’t you tell me?” she said “because I don’t want too just look it up……”  so I got just dropped the conversation.  She even told me she prefers to talk to her Facebook friends then me.  I was very devastated … she gets really mad when I try to see who she’s talking to and says “Can’t I have my privacy?!  You are always trying to be a part of everything!”  so I said “sorry talk to your friends.”

What do I do?  She doesn’t talk to me and its hard now to even start a conversation.


  • nam

    May 31, 2014


    help! my wife is cheating me on facebook private chats!

  • Lindsay

    June 25, 2014


    About two months ago my husband added this girl to his facebook and ever since than he has been distant he even deleted me from his facebook. A few days ago he left his chat on and i read some of the messages, clearly they were both flirting with each other. I asked him about it and he says that they are just friends. I seriously dont know what to do, part of me wants to leave. Should I just be complacent and not make a big deal about it

  • chris

    July 17, 2014


    every one of you are pathetic..i mean seriously..your problem is your trying to live in a fantasty world that doesn’t exist..if some women told me that we are married and not friends..there wouldn’t be boots big enough to kick her to the curb..don’t blame facebook either..put some blame on yourselves and show a little spine for gods sake..maybe then they will respect you enough to stay..facebook..feminism..etc..etc..have all made you men into a man!

  • etgpoulson

    August 1, 2014


    It’s really lonely going to bed alone every night while my wife stays downstairs and plays’ games’ on her ipad.

  • Willy Nailer

    October 30, 2014


    I feel for you! I was married 20 years when my wife started her depression and finding people to be friends with on FB. She was jobless and depressed and found other women with the same interests in books as she had and they would chat all night long on FB, during the day they would text each other or call each other. I got the cell phone bill one month and it was $830 because her and this other gal she never met but talks too on facebook talked on the phone 880 minutes that month verbally on top of all that. When I confronted her about it (its my phone bill in my name and I pay it) she said “its none of your business”. I been in the hospital for surgery a few times over the past 4 crazy FB years and she never showed up because it interfered with her FB Chat Sessions. If she did (the one time) she was on FB the whole time. Facebook is ruining peoples lives thats for sure. She actually stopped the sex to be on facebook. Ignored me for 3.5 years 99% and if I say the word Facebook she goes ape sh*t! She then found her ex boyfriend of 30 years ago on facebook and has been secretly meeting him and lying to me. I can go on and on but your not alone! Facebook is the tool for all this. IT needs to be gone! NO one ever says “Oh thank GOD For facebook!” Facebook Saved my live!” Facebook saved my marriage!” no you hear the opposite. I told my wife “I didn’t marry Facebook!” so thats why I dont like it!

  • nate

    May 4, 2016


    Very similar situation, makes me feel left out. Don’t know which way to turn. I need God in my life. My biggest fear is growing old and lonely. I really need to tighten up. Sorry and good luck on u guys end.

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