Is Facebook Another Word For Cheat Book? Its Easy To Have A Facebook Affair

Is Facebook Another Word For Cheat Book? How Easy It Is To Have A Facebook Affair

Networking is a lot of fun, and you can catch up on long lost friends, make new friends, and even find business contacts. However, did you know that it’s also a great tool to start a sneaky Facebook affair?

Are you familiar with Facebook? It’s one of the most popular social networking sites today. I joined Facebook because I thought it would help me get in touch with family and friends I have lost touch with. I even encouraged my wife to sign up as well.

I just didn’t expect that she would take it a step further.

As much as I hate to admit it, I got cheated on. Facebook suddenly became Cheat Book, and all because this “resourceful” wife of mine found an old boyfriend, and ended up having a cyber Facebook affair with him. I just want to throw that laptop at her for putting our marriage at risk.

I’m really having a hard time wrapping my thoughts around this Facebook affair. How did she keep it a secret for so long. I know it’s been a while because she mentioned finding this guy on Facebook about a year ago. It appalls me that she got this far without me realizing it.

How many guys have been in this situation, and worse, how many are not even aware that they are in this kind of situation? Here we are, thinking our wives are chatting away, as they always do, talking about everything under the sun with their girlfriends, when in fact, they’re doing something else.

Now that I caught her with her Facebook affair, does this give me the right to do it too? I know it’s just so easy to get caught in this kind of situation. However, even if I understand that chatting can lead to other things, it does not excuse anyone for going down that path, especially my wife. After all, I didn’t, even if I had lots of opportunities to have a Facebook affair.

When I checked the internet, I found out that there are so many Facebook cheating going on, and most of them justify their actions by saying they’re just “keeping in touch.”
Yeah, right.

I think you can justify why the moon is round if you really want to. If a person is going to start a Facebook affair, it’s going to happen. Good intentions or not, if the mindset is open to entertaining the idea of having an affair, it’s going to happen. Of course, there are some women who are just addicted to cheating, Facebook affair or any other way.

You now ask, what am I going to do? I have no idea at all. Should I also look for someone too so I can feel better? Should I confront her, and then divorce her? Will a Facebook affair hold up in court as a valid reason for divorce?

My problem is that even if I love her, I don’t trust her anymore. This Facebook affair may not have been as serious to advance to dating, but maybe that’s just a matter of time. If this other guy is keeping her from spending time with me and the kids, then maybe we’re better off without her around. I think I just made up my mind. Now, where did I put my attorney’s number ….

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