Facebook Cheating: Reasons Cheaters Give

There can be no excuse for cheating on your significant other. Whether it is a spouse, partner or girlfriend/boyfriend, if you are not committed to a relationship you should be truthful about it to the other. But it is important to realize the reasons people give for cheating, however dubious. This knowledge can help you work out what might be going wrong in your relationship when you first see those telltale signs and will help you decide whether the relationship is salvageable. A lot of that will depend on how far the cheating has gone but here we are trying to give you ideas as to why the other person has felt the need to either rekindle a relationship with an old flame on Facebook, or start looking for someone new, so that you can make the best decision for yourself. You should always remember though that, at the end of the day, you should not take the blame. If they had a problem with the relationship they should have talked it through instead of looking elsewhere, and if you are the one that is cheating and using these excuses to justify it to yourself you should have the guts and the heart and the love to sit down with your partner and talk.


Unfortunately it could be that the light of your initial romance is just no longer there for your partner and that is why they are now on Facebook or other social media looking to hook up with someone else. It may not be that you are neglecting them, just that whatever excitement used to be in your relationship has gone. If any Facebook romance the partner has started hasn’t gone too far, this is at least one problem that can be reconciled. If you think your partner has become bored and might be looking elsewhere then look to inject a bit of excitement back into your relationship: an exotic vacation, a weekend away or even a date night out to their favorite restaurant could allay the slide before it is too late.


This is the most common problem that causes a spouse or partner to start looking elsewhere for love and attention. It is almost inevitable that during a long-term relationship people will develop other interests and that the relationship might suffer. Facebook has become the tool that people are using when they find themselves in this predicament. This might be something significant such as a partner choosing to focus on their career at the expense of their spouse or it might be something more mundane such as a new hobby that is taking up too much time. This can be a particular problem for young guys who are having trouble growing up, are addicted to video games and sports and might spend too much time in a bar and not enough with their girlfriend. The girlfriend starts up a conversation with an old friend on Facebook, who is more than happy to give the hot girl he used to know all the attention he can, and before they boyfriend knows it he is spending all his time in that bar, drowning his sorrows.

Old Flame

This is the one that you can do little about and the one that Facebook has facilitated the most. They see an old crush or partner on Facebook and get back in contact. The reminiscing starts, the in-jokes that only they had and the thoughts of what could have been. If the relationship is already teetering, maybe through boredom or neglect then this could be what pushes it over the edge. If you want to save your relationship, then you should try to confront them about it as soon as possible, to stop it going too far. They may then open up to you about what might be wrong between the both of you and there could still be a chance to save it.

You’re Cheating

If this is so, then you only have yourself to blame. Maybe they have seen the signs on your Facebook profile or watched you as you logged in multiple times per day, chatting to the same person. The best thing to do here is ‘fess up and try to end the relationship amicably so at least you can both go on with your new partners.


  • Ghw

    April 14, 2014


    Boredom. Neglect. Old Flame. Exactly what happened to me—wife wants to leave. I should add that, clearly, she has poor coping skills and put her happiness above mine and the kids’.

    Great writeup.

    • aleeta

      May 17, 2014


      so selfish

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