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A long time ago the inlaws brought over a computer, my wife was a stay @ home mom and claimed it was for the children and their homework….they were 2 and 3. Over the years my wife would play games, always part of the inlaws gamming. Once FB came out my wife was on it all the time….house went to the dogs, laundry wasn’t done, and dinner was burnt on a regular basis. The inlaws told me my wife had a problem but she wouldn’t quit. She went off to Calif for a weekend get away w/ the girls…turned out to be an old HS friend….she had sex w/ him for points on Farmville!!! I was crushed. Her reasons for remaining friends w/ him was “she couldn’t loose the points” So sad.. we have 4 children, and now we are getting divorced..but I have learned that was just the tip of the iceberg..there have been other men she has been sleeping w/ from FB…all from HS! She claims she was sick and is better now but I gave her 18mo and 36 weeks of Marriage Counsling….she was just w/ another man from HS a few weeks ago. Funny, in HS she was so shy, she didn’t have any friends…and now she is out of control. I worry about my girls…they see mom talking about sex to men on FB…what kind of young ladies will they become? Most of her family know what happened and have quit FB, the ones who don’t remain. I pray for her, she has hurt so many people and lives w/ the guilt, I pray she gets better before she destroys the relationships w/ her own children.

My Future Husband

I dated a man who I thought would someday be my husband. We got along great and I loved him. I was his friend on facebook and noticed that he had some comments from women he knew. Many were married so I thought nothing of the comments. Maybe they were just friendly like that I said to myself. He took me to Hawaii in February this last year and while I was waiting for him to rent surfboards his phone went off. He never left his phone and it showed he received a text from a girl I knew he was friends with. She was married and worked at a starbucks he visited a couple times a day(should have been a sign but he loved coffee as much as I). I knew she had children and was married. So of course nothing would be going on between them, right? Wrong. I decided to click on his facebook app and noticed he had been facebooking her. She sent him emails talking about times they got together and asking if he wanted to stop by and see her again. It was even wo rse that I found out while we were on vacation, a 6 hour plane ride from home and away from him.

As much as it hurt to know he cheated on me, it was worse that I knew it was with a married woman. I must just be naive. But I thought marriage meant something. I know her husband doesnt know. At times I wanted to email him. But thats her issue and its not my place to tell.

The Wife That Will Not Leave

My husband has been on the internet dating sites.
He has communicated w/a woman in Marshall ,MI,
another a few miles from there in MI.
One in Louisburg,NC, and another in Logan,UT.
Plus numerous other woman.
He says he likes to hear their stories.
He has logged in many hours on the computer w/them,and has telephoned them many times for some.
I have worked for decades to support our children,and him.
He was the stay at home parent.
I caught him , as I found a number on his cell phone for a woman in MI.
He had telephoned the one in Marshal,MI 15 times one month.
He was bored, he was lonely because I was at work.
Now he wants to stay married of course.
He is not employed, he has no retirement coming, and he has health issues.
So, I know his issues.
What are the issues w/women who give complete strangers their personal information on line. Of course, men who claim they are single, and probably are not.
I will never trust him again.
Inspite of it all, I am the wife, he will not leave, they are simply the other women.
Their photos mixed in his secret photo collection w/his pron from on line sites.

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