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Boy Meets Girl

The story goes boy meets girl on line, boy cheats on girl with another online. I caught my boyfriend of two and a half years cheating on me two weeks ago. My boyfriend used my cell phone one night to check his facebook account. But forgot to sign out. While the next morning I went to check my facebook to see of I had any messages. To see an entire conversation he had been having with another women for several weeks. The conversation went as far as how lonely he is and how he wished he was in bed with her. All while I had been fast asleep in his bed. I confronted him. He turned it into me being crazy and psycho. All he claims he was doing was flirting. Nothing more. So facebook/the internet ruined my relationship.

Facebook Hoe

I had been with the same guy for over 23 years. The last two of them married to him. He worked a bit but I always supported both of us by working 3 or for jobs while he sat – even when we were in danger of loosing our house. He was always verbally abusive but I am tough and can put up with alot.

He started playing Farmville – and wow – Lots of Farmers lots of Hoes! He was like a kid in a Candy store.

One day I had to have two teeth pulled – and because I had had a stroke previously – needed someone to sit with me for 24 hours. Home from work he comes – not to take care of me – but straight onto the computer to fool around with his FB Hoe! Couldn’t even pry himself away long enough to get me a couple of puddings as I hadn’t eaten in 3 days.

That opened my eyes real wide. Time to get the a keylogger program. I found he had about 12 women on the go at once. And it became amusing as he would get confused with his chats and say the wrong thing to the wrong one! (Oh wait – did i mention that 2 years prior to this he went on my FB page and looked up my first husband for me against my wishes – who then friended me. lol There was no love lost there and we weren’t really friends in the beginning.)

Anyway – The Hubby just kept chatting and cheating with internet sex, telling all these women he loved them and i was a horrible person etc. while i was the one working my ass off to provide for him. And screaming at me that we were over – while still living in my house! He even had these woman sending him money as he was so broke, and sick, and and and. Finally – I had enough when my daughter couldn’t even stand to be in the house for more than a day while visiting at Christmas!

In January I went to visit the first ex-husband after kicking the one I was with to the curb. Turns out that we were never really done, the love was still there and stronger than ever. We have been together almost a year and it is wonderful.

The now ex – well his Facebook Hoe left her husband, job and country and has moved here. Will he cheat on her – YOU BET. Because if he doesn’t get what he wants when he wants it – there are always more Hoe’s on Facebook – just check out the games. He found many!!!!

Junk Food and Sad Movies

I had been with my boyfriend for 2 years when he proposed. I had said yes, and a couple months later, an old friend came back into my life. She started going to choir practices for church with me, and one night when I was leaving, she was walking with me towards the door when my fiance walked in the door. I saw him look at her, and I introduced them, thinking they would become as close as I was with both of them.

A few days later, I saw that they had added each other on facebook. I was fine with that, it would be a way to get to know each other. When I went to my fiances apartment that night, I was told that my friend had been over, and she had cut herself, so there was blood on the towel. I was like, okay, whatever…

about a month later, we had broken up. He had texted me, saying that it wasn’t working anymore. a text, when we had seen each other less than an hour before. I then texted my friend, upset, mad, scared… she said it would be ok, and stopped talking to me. Later that night, I was at the grocery store, picking up junk food for my night to let all my feelings out with sad movies, and they were there, together, making out in an isle. I then put it together. The posts on each others walls that seemed harmless, her over at midnight…

My best friend and fiance had played me.

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