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20/20 Hindsight

“Hindsight” is 20/20″ my grandmother used to say, still, I cannot believe how stupid I was. My husband kept accusing me of cheating, with my boss no less! Then came home one day with a concocted story about his sister wanting him to get on Facebook so he could be in touch with some old high school buddy from the past ….should’ve known better.

My husband could barely draft an email and download photos from his work camera~ so I stupidly showed him how to set up an account post and add pics, etc. all so that he and his skanky mistress could communicate without my knowledge. What was worse, he began to date her and used our credit card to do so! when confronted he denied anything other than meeting some highschool buddy yeah right a $70 tab at 3pm in the afternoon? now shes got the balls to post pictures of the two of them, and the comments for the world to see including our family and friends, my children, neices and nephews, cousins, co workers the flippin world.

I wish California divorce was not a no-fault situation. I’ve got enough evidence to nail them to the wall. Creepiest part is now he’s moved in with her, cut me off financially (am unemployed) and wait for it…

SHE is the sister of HIS DEAD EX-GIRLFRIEND FROM HIGH SCHOOL… not sure who’s the sickest? him, her, or me for feeling like an idiot for not seeing it coming. Well what comes around goes around…..

Even My Mom

Well, i am not one who was cheated on or cheated with facebook. but i have seen it in my life. my mother and father have never had a really great relationship, got divorced when i was 7 and they both were heartbroken. then when i was 13 they got remarried. I their daughter noticed they were alot happier.

But once a cheater always a cheater. but facebook made it possible easier. my mom added an old school crush and they got talking. she was always on it and never when anyone was home. one day i over heard on the phone she was leaving again. they got divorced when i was 15 and not to long after my mom married her old highschool crush. this time moving hours away and leaving all her ties at home broken, facebook isnt at fault. or is it? Facebook didnt force my mom to find her old friend but it gave her the option.

I guess when people get so many options its hard to pick and it gets all messed up in the end.

The Porch, The Cops, The Other Girl

Just over a year ago I was dating a guy whom I was extremely fond of. I saw us working well together and from the signs he showed me he was interested in me as well. We met over plenty of fish and both wanted long term relationships. Three months into our relationship, a girl whom I went to high school with added him as a friend on Facebook and realized that we were mutual friends. She messaged me asking how I knew him. I told her we met on a dating site and we were intimate and possibly going to end up together. She told me they met in a music store while searching CDs.

Shortly after,he had blocked me off Facebook, msn, ignored all my calls and messages to him asking why he was deleting me from his life. I finally went to his house and asked for an explanation. He pushed me off his porch and told me to leave or else he would call the cops. He hen slammed the door in my face.

I was pissed…. But what I do know now is that the two I them are dating and living together.

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