Facebook is Killing My Marriage

I am 30 and have been with the love of my life for almost 4 years now but recently things have started to change. See I have 4 wonderful children from a previous marriage and when my previous husband of six years in 2009 got on Facebook, he decided he could use this new app to meet girls and eventually he cheated multiple times and I believe he is up to 7 kids now. I left him and filed for divorce and that was the end of any kind of relationship between him and my family.

After all his lies and the cheating I thought I was done with men in general but then out of the blue I found this man who I had never forgot about, in the past 11 years he would pop into my head almost everyday, little things like I would be at the store and pick something up and wonder if it was still his favorite or when I was alone wondering if he was safe since we were at war and most men joined the military after 9/11. So I actively looked most everyday on all the social sites an d in Jan 2011 I found him. Turns out he was going through a divorce and had a daughter who lived with her mom in Virginia and he was back living about 2 hours from me. We eventually met and got together, my kids love him and things were going great. I even packed my kids up and tried to move cross country by his ex so he would be closer to his daughter. But a string of bad luck brought us home again.

When we got back he went back to work and things were good for a while but now he is messaging this woman from Florida that as far as I know he has never met but they exchange pics most days and there is pages of messages on his phone from her and I don’t know what to do. I consider this a form of cheating since they are sending inappropriate messages back and forth. People I talk to tell me its not cheating its no different than a guy looking at playboy. This is the second time I have found messages like this. I’m not a skinny blond with big boobs–Im a mother of 4 and I haven’t changed much since we got together. I keep thinking if I lose weight or change my appearance maybe that will work but at the same time I’m me and why should I have to change for a man who says he loves me for who I am?

Please any advice cause Facebook is killing my Marriage.

What Comes Around Goes Around!

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. We met in high school 10 years ago. I use to date his friend but we both secretly had crushes on each other. 10 years later we got together. 4 years ago, I left my youngest sons dad for my boyfriend. We would FB all night even while my ex-boyfriend with sitting there. I would make jokes to my current boyfriend about how stupid my ex boyfriend was for not knowing we were talking. Call it Karma but sometimes I think my boyfriend is talking to other women as he did me 4 years ago. I’ve actually caught him talking to other women. So, recently I e been checking his text messages and it irritates him. I’ve never been this type of person but yet I’ve never loved someone as much as I love him. I think our relationship is holding on by a thread. Please help! We need it!

She Should Have Gone With Her Gut Instinct

I finally met someone, I thought after years of not being in love. I was falling head over heels! Within a month he told me I was the best thing that ever happened to him, that he was also head over heels in love with me, or so I thought. We quickly became boyfriend and girlfriend, and were together about 8 months. He was overweight and got back into fitness and was really looking goood, I had just started my fitness journey. We started hiking with groups of people, and I noticed he would take off ahead (was in better shape than I), and I didn’t think anything about it, but other people noticed something wasn’t right.  I did notice that one of the girls would run up ahead with him, still didn’t think anything about it. There were dozens of friends running, jogging, walking the trails, so it wasn’t unusual to buddy up with someone that went at the same pace as you!

After I was introduced to this person, she befriended me on FB. Well, now I know why. One day I saw flirty comments from other women and I told him: “you sure do have a following, don’t you?” He just laughed and shrugged it off. I am not the jealous type, and I thought it’s only comments on FB. He asked me one day if I thought his friend was pretty, I said no (only speaking the truth). BIG RED FLAG!! I also had a dream that he was cheating on me, should have went with my gut instinct.

He has a young daughter and this woman has a young daughter. He told me they were going for a play date (Yeah right!). Next thing you know he’s telling me it’s not working out, we don’t get along! WHATEVER! I was off FB for lent (gave it up for 40 days). Next thing I know everyone is texting me and calling me, “who is this chick that your man is with?” They sent me photos of them together. Apparently before he broke up with me he was already deep into a relationship with this woman. Not only was I humiliated, embarrassed, not to mention very hurt that everyone is witnessing this public display of affection and photos and I had no clue!  The next thing I know I am in love with a man, yet single again. SMDH! What was I thinking? All the signs were there. FB comments and all! All I know is lesson learned. She can have him and all his issues! What was meant to be will be.  FB is like an online dating site! …And if by chance he comes across this comment, which I doubt. I am happy for him…he found someone on the same low level as him! Good luck to them!

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