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Forget the Husband- Forget the Kids- Facebook Forever

I am a 42 year old male, I have been married for 16 years which I thought would be a happy expierence regretfully time proved otherwise . I married in 1998, we both being career orientated decided to enjoy life as a new couple and also concentrate on our careers , so it was decided that we would start a family 2 years after marriage.

After 2 years the career didn’t progress as anticipated but keeping to our word we decided to start a family, this proved very very hard to achieve we tried everything ,but truth be told it was not I that had the problem it was the wife who could not conceive .

It took us 5 years before my daughter was born in all honesty the thought of adoption , a surrogate mother , divorce or having a child outside my marriage never crossed my mind because I loved my wife and said we will go through this together.

Being new parents this affected our sleeping arrangements and I hit the sack in the spare room , 4 years later my son was born well my daughter got her own room and my son slept by my wife.

My wife was now a full time stay at home mum looking after the kids , I ventured into business and was blessed with success. Life was good: nice holidays , good lifestyle, we were very comfortable but I noticed that my wife was continously loud and aggresive with my daughter and on several occasions I reprimanded her about this only for it to subside for a few days then start again. This was the norm within the household as she also done the same to my son.

One Sunday we were out to lunch and her mom slipped up as we spoke about a relative who posted something on Facebook. Her mom asked my wife if she saw this post on Facebook and the wife totally denied being on Facebook. This made me curious and one day when she was in the shower I went threw her phone;  I WAS SHOCKED!

She has 3 alias’s on Facebook , also a private email account and on 2 other social media sites. This made me breathe fire  and when I confronted her about this she totally denied it.  She then raised her voice created an argument and packed her stuff, abandoned the kids and left our home.

My daughter is almost 9 years old and has turned out to be an introvert because her mom always screamed at her, my son 5 years has never eaten solid food ever- he still lives on boxed infant cereal and baby milk formula!  All of this because my wife proved to be more interested about social media sites than being a responsible mother.

I have learned that she used to chat on these sites every night up until the early hours of the morning , lack of sleep every night accompanied by being a mother made her very aggressive.

Today I look after my 2 kids and operate my business it is damn hard to do but I still say “thank you God, you blessed me with 2 wonderful healthy normal children .”

As for the wife its been sometime now since she left.  She never phones to check on the kids nor made any attempt to visit them .

We live in a cruel world don’t we?

Facebook Affairs, Breakdowns And a Plot to Murder?

The short version is that I heard my wife’s phone ring one day and picked up to a very surprised mutual friend of ours who said: “I’m sorry I wasn’t expecting you on her phone!” Why? “I thought you guys were through and i was calling o your wife” He saw her status change to “Complicated” and lots of marriage termination comments! I told our friend that in was not aware of this news and i’ll have to start watching to see if i am divorced! I asked him to wait a little while and he may have a reason to call! I confronted her and had no good excuse for that and friending x-boyfriends and x-husbands. She made threats and slanderous statements about my family and I’m tired of it so I posted evidence about her that could have involved some prison time. Her lawyer called her and told her she needs to get off Facebook immediately. She tried hacking away at her veins and had her committed for the weekend telling her that I am making sure she is alive to divorce me if that is what she wants!

Her psych doctor and counselor told her to stay off Facebook! And she quit them instead. She hid her two secret Facebooks and I had none But hers came up on the browser. I started watching her wall. Her boyfriend posted a picture of her childhood home which she still owned until recently! Next thing he is posting a meeting with her and this man who was very familiar with her home. She tells me she has to go comfort an old friend, (on the cheating side of town) but she is far from there at her home town and i am 20 minutes away at work as the final details are posted for a meeting at a bar. So I drove over their and waited across the street with my camera on hand an caught them coming out holding hands and went behind the cars for 3 minutes and then she left perhaps to his place I couldn’t follow but I have the damning Hi def video of the meeting. When she came home dressed like a night club date. (for her girl friends comfort?) I told her she looked great like she was just on a date and she said yes and an awesome date it was she continues…with my girlfriend! and she goes on and on about how happy this “date” made her and what they ate and how she laughed and her girl friends laughed and she was visibly elated. The audio tape was rolling as she just beamed with glee. i replied that if this makes her so very happy she needs to do it more and she agreed and kept going. The next day she got tipped that I knew about her Facebook and calculated that I knew about her date! we had words and she explained that she lies every day about where she is (even though I don’t ask) because I don’t believe her and she cheats because I don’t trust her! She wants to try harder to save us but not if i act like she is acting of course! She took down her boyfriends comments off her wall in her efforts to try harder not to get caught! He asking for more “Dates” and his wall shows that she must think I can’t see his wall. The saga continues as I now have become dishonest in that am pretending to look the other way while I look at some legal positioning and more documentation of bad behavior to leverage any kind of financial position. For example I do not want to pay for her lawyer and I won’t have to showing the cause for the legal action. She may try to kill me before that and i believe she is capable.

She was looking up “Poisons”  found on the browser history the morning she found out she was caught! She does have a good insanity case pres-established. I think she is hoping I’ll die and leave he a fortune as happened to two of her friends who husbands died mysteriously and her second husband who died of an apparent overdose. She confessed to “Snowing” him in some detail and placed herself on his street the day he accidentally died and i report ed this to police and the counselors who weren’t concerned as mad was quickly cremated. His 300k insurance was changed from her as beneficiary to his brother just months before and and she would have expected to get it. Believe me this the the short version! The rest of our life is like something from a reality show on steroids. She poisoned my medicine before being committed for the weekend and her police officer friend tipped me off so my wife might save her self some prison time! But her cop friend was serial cheater too and her husband who was also a cop died mysteriously too and she stands to receive several million dollars in a law suit with the hospital. Its possible he was over medicated too but his tissue samples vanished along with other evidence and cause of death is still unknown. Forgot to mention my wife is a retired nurse! I am nervous about all this but in have placed enough information that if something happened to me these things will get investigated.

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